Use regex to configure your file paths for better grouping (beta)

Due to popular demand, you can now customize your file path with regex rules.

Differences in file paths often result in multiple items being created which lead to noisy item lists. If you run into this problem, there is now a solution - define regex rules to replace certain patterns of your file path with a common replacement.

For example, a file path such as /var/www/core3/releases/20190225T150625/src/services/automation/ will change every time there is a new release due to different timestamps.

To avoid creating new items, you can go to Settings>Setup>Custom Fingerprinting and define a new regex rule under File Path Canonicalization.


This rule will create a new item in your list that generalizes file paths matching this pattern and therefore group occurrences more accurately.

We are currently looking for beta testers to try out this feature! If you’re interested, send us an email to or get in touch via the in-app chat. Please note that the option will only be available if we enable it for you.

You can learn more about this feature in the docs.

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