Rollbar changelog
Rollbar changelog

Updated RQL Interface





Rollbar has made some improvements to both the RQL interface and RQL processing to improve the efficiency of running RQL queries. This will improve the experience of the rich, SQL-like interface that allows you to interact with your Rollbar data.

The following interface improvements have been added:

  1. A default preset query has been added so you can start interacting with RQL immediately

  2. A 1-click copy to clipboard button has been added to allow you to copy your queries into an external text editor.

  3. RQL status updates now include intuitive information on query status during & upon execution

An enhanced RQL help sidebar provides sample queries and hints on how to write more detailed queries to further interrogate your data

Improvements have been made to the RQL processing engine. Our research identified the fields that often caused timeouts/long-lasting executions and modified the data access. We have successfully eliminated timeouts and sped up query execution by 5-7x in cases when a query uses the body.message.body field, and no other fields are used in the query than timestamp,, person.username,,, item.environment, item.platform, or item.framework.

We will continue to push further performance improvements for RQL in the next few weeks / months, specifically focussed on grouping and custom fields.

Learn more: RQL reference guide | Documentation