Rollbar changelog
Rollbar changelog

RQL enhancements and bug fixes

Following on from the release of the updated RQL interface, further performance enhancements and bug fixes have been applied. These improvements further enrich the RQL interface experience.



  • Alleviated query timeouts due to performance issues, especially for commonly used queries
  • Improved query performance relating to the following fields: body.message.body, browser, client.javascript.browser, client.javascript.code_version, client.javascript.guess_uncaught_frames, client.javascript.source_map_enabled, code_version, context, item.counter, item.environment, item.framework, item.hash,, item.level, item.platform, item.status, item.title, language,, notifier.version, occurrence_id, os, person,,, person.username, project_id, project_slug, request.body, request.headers.*, request.method, request.query_string, request.url, request.user_ip, server.branch, server.cpu,,, server.root, timestamp, uuid


  • Prevent semantically invalid RQL queries with partially aggregated fields from being run
  • Fixed an issue where some jobs were inaccurately pending when they should have been canceled or completed
  • Fixed a bug where occurrences processed out of order were hidden because of a bug in pagination
  • NOT operator made case insensitive
  • length(foo) function accepts bool as an argument

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