Rollbar changelog
Rollbar changelog

May 2022 SDK Update

This month, we are pleased to release several SDK updates on Javascript, .NET, and Apple languages

For Javascript SDK, a new security update has been applied to address potential vulnerability so that it improves security against letting malicious user obtain privileges via a method.

In addition, a few improvements on typescript, CSP error detection compatibility, network telemetry, and supported new error cause standard have also been applied to improve user experience using Rollbar Javascript SDK.

For .NET SDK, hot fixes have been applied to include fixing telemetry in .NET Core 3.1, fixing capture RollbarInfrastructureConfig with each payload, and added a configurable code version. These fixes are to improve usability of .NET SDK on the v5 platform and allows telemetry, code version, and infrastructure config to be applied on .NET SDK.

For Apple SDK, a new CocoaLumberjack module has been integrated. This allows our SDK to work with the popular CocoaLumberjack logging framework to further unleash Rollbar's potential. For instance, users can now implement a CocoaLumberjack compatible logger capable of "intercepting" log events going through the CocoaLumberjack infrastructure, converting them to Rollbar compatible payload, and start seeing those payloads on the Rollbar project.

In addition, memory telemetry has been added to improve payload telemetry and a few fixes have been applied to improve usability of Apple SDK.

These improvements are now available for download. Join us on Gitter.