Introducing June 2020 Grouping Update

We’re excited to announce the June 2020 Grouping Update. This is the first versioned update and replaces Grouping Migrations. It contains all existing grouping improvements in one package. Going forward versioned Grouping Updates simplify getting the most accurate grouping with one click.

With a single click you get:

  • Improved algorithm for grouping Browser JavaScript errors
  • Improved algorithm for grouping Android errors
  • React.js Error Message Unminification
  • Missing jQuery recognition
  • JavaScript Source Maps translations with untangled method names
  • Recursive call chain recognition
  • Improved data scrubbing
  • Grouping by scrubbed exception message of traces without frames
  • Ruby message pattern recognition

Don’t forget to enable auto-upgrade to be the first to get the most accurate grouping every time we update it!

To activate it go to Settings -> Setup -> Upgrade Grouping