C# - Disable file name inclusion in stack frames for better grouping

If you’re using C#, you now have the option to exclude file names from the strings used for fingerprinting.

This option is enabled by default which means that we’ll take into account both the file name and the method of stack frames when fingerprinting. If you disable this option, we’ll only include the method. Please note that in the case of C#, the method contains the fully qualified class name, method name, and method signature, so disabling this option has a very low risk of overgrouping.

You can find this option by going to Settings>Setup>Custom Fingerprinting.


In case you want to exclude file names from multiple projects, you should disable this option in each project.

Please be aware that grouping changes are not retrospective. Disabling this option will cause your new errors to be grouped differently than before which will generate an initial flurry of 'New Item' notifications.

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