Rollbar changelog
Rollbar changelog

April 2021 Telemetry support added to the Go SDK





Rollbar is happy to announce the addition of Telemetry support for the Go SDK.

The Go SDK now provides the mechanism to collect (independently from its logger components) additional runtime information "bread crumbs" in the form of Telemetry events and keeps them within the configurable fixed-depth Telemetry queue. It provides an API for capturing telemetry events within the queue so that whenever the Rollbar logger reports any data to Rollbar API the Telemetry events available in the Telemetry queue at the time of logging are automatically attached to the logger payload.

This Telemetry data is intended to provide extra information about the events preceding the logging event that could be useful when analyzing the logging event itself. Currently, Telemetry events are categorized by types. For example, network telemetry events, logger telemetry events, manual telemetry events, etc.

To gain access to telemetry for Go you must be using v1.4 or later. You can configure telemetry using the ‘SetTelemetry’ function as documented here. You can also view an example configuration here.