Rollbar changelog
Rollbar changelog

January 2022 Grouping Update




This month we are excited to roll out a new January Grouping Update which significantly improves Grouping quality for some of our more relevant SDKs. Mainly PHP, Ruby, Python and Javascript.

This update simplifies over 100 Grouping rules within our Grouping rule set by:

  • Reducing overgrouping with new rules placeholders added and an increase of 4.16% in successful new fingerprints
  • Fixing undergrouping by removing generic rules and decrease of 16.36% in the affected fingerprints

Finally, and the most exciting part, these improvements have been rolled out automatically for all accounts with auto-upgrade enabled, so you can focus on fixing bugs while we take care of the squashing effort!




Update regarding Log4j Java vulnerabilities




Rollbar is aware of the Log4j Java vulnerabilities (CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046) and we have updated all the potentially impacted infrastructure and we are making updates available for our Java SDK users. We are dedicated to making sure that Rollbar runs quickly and securely within your applications. Learn about how we’ve addressed the Log4J “Log4Shell” zero-day CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046

December 2021 Grouping Update




We are pleased to announce our December 2021 Grouping Update that significantly improves grouping coverage and quality for some of our most common SDKs. Java, PHP, and Python issues now have from 2% to 6% higher coverage rates allowing users to discover more bugs and respond to them more quickly.

Grouping quality has been improved as well by reducing overgrouping of errors caused by generic rules overwriting more specific ones.

Additionally, this release improves our internal pattern standardization for easier rule management. We can continue training our models more efficiently and analyzing millions of crashes to distinguish different error types accurately.

Best of all, these improvements have been rolled out automatically for all accounts with auto-upgrade enabled, so you can focus on squashing and fixing bugs!

November 2021 Rollbar Adaptive Alerts released




Rollbar is pleased to announce the launch of Adaptive Alerts for projects in your account.

This new Rollbar feature uses anomaly detection to provide reliable, informative, and actionable alerts about unusually high crash rates with zero configuration.

You can set it up as a new trigger in Slack and/or Email notifications following these steps:

  1. On the Rollbar UI, go to Projects.
  2. Select your project, then click Notifications under Integrations in the left side menu.
  3. Select Slack or Email under Available Channels or reconfigure them under Active Channels.
  4. Select Adaptive Alerts template under Add Rule, then click Configure Rule.

Watch our short video explaining how it works, the benefits, and see it in action in a quick demo!

If you need help with the setup, do not hesitate to contact us at

November 2021 Grouping Update




The biggest grouping update since we started herding bugs!

This update brings major improvements to Ruby, Python, Javascript, Java, and C#. For Ruby, Python, and Javascript this new version captures an additional 10% to 20% of errors to help you triage and fix important bugs faster. That means Rollbar is checking millions and millions of errors to show you the handful of errors causing them.

Best of all, these improvements have been rolled out automatically for all accounts with auto-upgrade enabled, so you can focus on squashing bugs!

October 2021 Introducing PHP 8 Support




Rollbar has released a new major version of the PHP software development kit! With rollbar-php versions 3.0.0 and greater, PHP 8 is now supported.

PHP 8 is not backwards compatible with PHP 7, so you should not update your SDK if you are not yet using PHP 8. PHP 7 will continue to be supported on the 2.x versions of the SDK. More information on version compatibility can be found here.

For more information, check out the documentation and the GitHub repository.

Your feedback and comments are highly appreciated and will help us further improve our SDK. You can send us your comments here.

September 2021 Grouping Update





This month we're excited to roll out improved grouping targeted around PHP. This update includes over 200 frequent error types that cause 15% of all errors sent with the language.

We train our models regularly on millions of crashes to analyze frequently occurring error types and accurately distinguish different ones. This allows engineers to identify, triage, and respond to errors more quickly.

Happy bug squashing!

September 2021 Terraform Notification Support





We’re happy to announce further enhancements to the Rollbar Terraform provider. With today's 1.3 release, we now support a handful of Notification rule types: email, Slack, & PagerDuty.

Rollbar enables Terraform to control resources on in order to save you time and reduce the risk of human error. This enhancement will allow you to automate project alerting configuration tasks such as creating, editing, and deletion of notification rules.

Terraform is an an open-source infrastructure as code software tool used to create, manage, and update infrastructure resources. It is a declarative framework - which means that you can describe the end state that you want to achieve without stating the exact steps and ‘how’ to get there.

You can find Rollbar in the Terraform Registry which is now available in Open Beta.

August 2021 Rollbar Service Links Beta

Rollbar is pleased to announce the launch of Rollbar Service Links in beta. Rollbar is not the “last stop” for monitoring and debugging - often, you might also be interested in what your other monitoring and performance tools are telling you. Those tools were a few clicks and copy-paste away - now, with Service Links, they are just 1 click away. Big time saver, allowing access to all the info you need when you need it!

  • Rollbar Service Links are easy to create via forms, not JSON
  • Service Links will show up on your Item page & Item Occurrence page
  • You can add dynamic payload data to a service link by using the Raw JSON you send to Rollbar

You can create Service Links in Projects Settings → select the project of your choice → Integrations → Service Links.

Currently, our Service Links integration is in beta, and all user feedback is highly appreciated. Feel free to send us your comments here.

If you have questions or need help with Service Links, you can reach us at





July 2021 Introducing the new rollbar-apple SDK

We are pleased to announce the Beta release of the new ‘rollbar-apple’ SDK.

  • This new SDK boasts to be more modular, lightweight and performant.
  • Expanded support for the broader Apple *OS platforms which include macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and ipadOS.
  • Full support of Swift Package manager.
  • Optional support alternative crash reporting libraries, like KSCrash and PLCrashReporter

We will continue to support the Rollbar-iOS SDK but will only maintain with bug fixes or security issues.

Check out the new rollbar-apple SDK today!

Your feedback and comments are highly appreciated and will help us further improve our SDK. You can send us your comments here.