Provision users and teams from Okta

We're excited to introduce support for provisioning of users and teams from Okta to your Rollbar account. Okta administrators can assign/remove groups and users to/from the Rollbar app and the changes will automatically be applied in the linked Rollbar account.

Okta provisioning is currently available to accounts on enterprise plans. If you'd like to have it enabled or to learn more, please contact us at

'Require login via SAML Identity Provider' now applies to Owners team

To improve account security, we now require that all users who are members of an account must authenticate via your SAML identity provider if the Require login via SAML Identity Provider setting is enabled.

Previously, members of the Owners team could still log in using any method when this setting was enabled.

Official .NET SDK

Rollbar is happy to announce our official .NET SDK v1.0. This brand new version is more reliable, supports more .NET platforms, is easier to configure, multithreading friendly, and more.

For more details, check out our announcement blog post.

Support for subnets, IPv6 in blacklists

Our IP Blacklist feature now supports specification of subnets (e.g. and IPv6 addresses (e.g. 2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334).

Clubhouse issue tracking integration

Clubhouse is a project management tool for software development teams. We switched to it at Rollbar and are big fans!

We've just introduced a new integration with Clubhouse so you can track your Rollbar errors as stories in Clubhouse.

Check out our Clubhouse docs for setup instructions >>

Improved JIRA workflow support

We've updated our JIRA integration so you can now choose which status will be assigned to a linked JIRA issue when a Rollbar item is resolved or reopened:

Go SDK 1.0 alpha release

We've written our own Go SDK and released the the first alpha version. rollbar is a Golang Rollbar client that makes it easy to report errors to Rollbar with full stacktraces. Errors are sent to Rollbar asynchronously in a background goroutine.

Learn more or try it out today >>

Provisioning with OneLogin

Rollbar now supports automatic provisioning of users and teams from OneLogin. Administrators can control access to Rollbar entirely through their OneLogin accounts.

Provisioning is available to enterprise customers. If you'd like to learn more or have provisioning enabled on your account, please contact

Account Dashboard (Beta)

We're excited to introduce an account dashboard, available to all accounts on the Growth plan or higher.

The account dashboard shows total number of occurrences from all your projects over a 24 hours or 7 days, compared to the previous time period. You can filter the data by project, framework, environment, or level.

Feedback? Questions?

Just send us a message via the in-app chat.

Built-in Everyone team

To simplify the setup of your Rollbar account, we've introduced a new built-in team called 'Everyone' that automatically includes every user with access to your account.

The Everyone team can be assigned to projects like any other team, and can be chosen as the default team for users who sign up via a whitelisted email domain.

Questions? Feedback?

Send us a message via the in-app chat. We look forward to hearing from you!

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